Tuesday, June 11, 2013

K9 Nose Work® Blog Passes 35,000 Page Views!

Many thanks to all of the readers of the blog from all around the world, your continued interest in the weekly posts has helped us reach the 35k mark in less than a year!

A few fun facts to share:

Countries - we have readers from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, and the U.K. (Latvia is on the list, too, but - correct me if I'm wrong, Latvians - it's more likely spammers than sniffers)

Popular Posts - the top five posts are:

Primary Reward: The K9 Nose Work Way
The K9 Nose Work Practice Group
A K9 Nose Work "Dog In Bloom" By Paula Nowak, CNWI
Your All Access Pass to Inaccessible Hides in K9 Nose Work: Part One
A Review of the First NACSW K9 Nose Work DVD: The Parker Videos

Pack Members - We now have 117 members of the blog, as well as a number of people signed up to receive posts via email. Becoming a member of the blog is an easy way to get the latest posts and maybe we'll even do some members only content in the future! Just look for the 'Join This Site' button on the right hand side of the blog page to become a member.
How People Find the Blog - google searches top the list, with Facebook coming in a close second. The yahoo discussion groups also help a lot of people find their way to the blog.

Beyond the Blog - Many of our posts have been printed and shared with students in K9 Nose Work classes and some of our blog posts have been used as handouts in workshops & lectures across the country (thank you Barbara Schwerdt!). If you're looking to become a CNWI, you may even see some familiar content from the blog in the next update to the training manual.

Special Thanks - We try to focus on bringing you the best smelling blog posts out there, consequently, we don't spend a lot of time self-promoting! We'd like to acknowledge some special pack members for making the blog the bark of the town:

Silke Wittig, CNWI, for always enthusiastically sharing the blog with everyone she knows
Barbara Schwerdt, CNWI, for making the blog posts part of workshops and lectures across the country

We'd also like to thank K9 Nose Work co-founder Amy Herot for inspiring most of the blog posts, and handler Gretchen Farrell & her dog Amica for inspiring most of the rest.

Thanks goes to all of the contributors to the blog, including CNWIs Paula Nowak, Jaime Fellows, Gail McCarthy, and Leah Ganglehoff! And, thanks to Christy Waehner, CNWI & the NACSW for releasing the Parker Videos DVD, the review of which is one of the five most viewed posts on the blog.

Last, but not least, thanks to every reader, every commenter, and all the people & dogs who help to grow the activity & sport of K9 Nose Work.

Happy Sniffing!

p.s. - can't forget to thank Muriel, one of many great K9 Nose Work scent translators, helping us humans understand - and write about - the world as the dog smells it.

Muriel at LAX after Nationals, wondering
why they don't make the ribbons out of


  1. Reader and follower from the Philippines here! :)

    1. Great! Thanks for reading and commenting! Are you doing nose work with a dog out there? We'd love to hear about nose work in the Philippines.

      Happy Sniffing!

  2. I just found your blog! I'm in Texas, and was fortunate enough to recently attend a nosework seminar with Jill Marie. I've taken an Intro class, but unfortunately our instructor is moving out of state. So looking for ways to continue the training on my own until we get more classes here! In the meantime I'm reading everything I can :-)