Monday, April 22, 2013

CNWI Gail McCarthy's Scenturion Chronicles: A Rewarding Source for K9 Nose Work® Handlers

In K9 Nose Work, we talk about the different behavior changes our dogs exhibit when in odor and when they get to source, like a head turn or a furiously wagging tail; well, we people can have some pretty strong behavior changes in K9 Nose Work, too! After attending her excellent lecture on scent theory, I was motivated to search for CNWI Gail McCarthy's website, Scentinel Nose Work Dog Training, and what I found had me doing some major "head turns" and "tail-wagging"!

I encourage everyone to read the K9 Nose Work posts on Gail's site - found under the heading Scenturion Chronicles and many of them written in response to her students' questions. Gail has decades of experience handling and training search and rescue (SAR) dogs, and in that capacity she has earned many accolades, including a Massachusetts State Senate Citation recognizing her outstanding "dedication to the promotion of volunteer canine SAR in Massachusetts." Gail's involvement in and dedication to the sport of K9 Nose Work has been just as worthy of a citation. You can read more about Gail on her website.

As you enjoy reading Gail's posts, think about a topic you'd like her to address, and maybe we'll be able to get her to contribute a special post to the blog.

Next week, we look at the power of primary reward, and how it can be used to build a rock solid foundation for your dog in the game of K9 Nose Work.

Happy Sniffing!



  1. Thanks for this post Jeff. I'm one of the lucky people to have Gail as a teacher. She really inspires us students to work hard on learning to read our dogs and gets us to appreciate the amazing work they can do in this sport.

    1. You are definitely lucky, Linda!

      Gail & I spent a few hours driving from Atlanta to Camp Coleman for K9NW Camp earlier in the month and it was one of the easiest drives I've ever done, because we talked nose work non-stop the whole way!

      Thanks for reading & commenting.

      Happy Sniffing!