Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tyler's Story: How K9 Nose Work® is Better (and Better For Him) Than Hunting Gophers... and it's More Fun, Too!

We featured this dog's story in the recent edition of the NACSW quarterly newsletter, and the story came with a note and pictures that could not be displayed in the newsletter. Only NACSW members receiving the quarterly newsletter will get to view the complete story, but the note and pictures are posted here for all to enjoy (become an NACSW member).

Happy Sniffing!

The text of the letter reads: 
Dear Dr. Beebee
And all of Tyler's friends at Diablo View:

Here are before and after photos of Tyler. The Atopica/ketoconazole cocktail is working well.

On your advice, we've severly limited his gopher hunting activity and replaced it with K9 Nose Work.
He loves it and Titled in Nose Work 1.

He loves showing off his ribbon and his handsome coat.

Thank you all so much!


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